We are looking for that brilliant idea and truly committed entrepreneur(s):

The idea needs to be doable – from first meeting to launch – within three months.
It shouldn’t disrupt existing – and functional – nonprofit organizations.
Furthermore, behind every idea is an entrepreneur that will make it all happen. The entrepreneur is just as important as the idea. We are looking for a 100% commitment for the first three months of the project.

Our jury assembled to provide a variety of perspectives and they are all experts in their field. The jury will look at the ideas with following criterias:
- Is it innovative or are there similar ideas already out there?
- Is it doable with regards to the resources we can provide?
- Does it provide positive change for a small number of people, or is it scalable?
- Is it sustainable and can develop and grow over the coming years?
- And last, but just as important, is the entrepreneur ready to commit for what can be a long and tough journey?

To make the SPLIT Challenge fair and easy to participate in, we ask the following from the contestants when sending in their ideas:
- Name, personal number and phone number of contestant.
- Background of the entrepreneur(s).
- Name of the idea.
- Summary of the idea – Five sentences.
- Description of the idea – 1500 words limit.
- What the entrepreneur believes is required to launch the idea.
- Availability of the entrepreneur to commit to the idea 100%.
- To lower the threshold to compete, we also allow contestants to pitch the idea through a video recording.

Contestants can write all information directly in the forms on the website or attach a document. Download our template here.

We believe that innovation can’t and shouldn’t be quarantined. There is no better time to continue investing in the ideas of tomorrow than during this crisis that has crippled the world.

- It depends completely on what the winning idea requires. Our projections at this moment is that we will support the idea, from start to finish, with almost everything that is needed with regards to strategy, business plan, design, UX, development, marketing and growth hacking. There will also be support in legal matters, like setting up a company, agreements with future partners, and so on. If the idea and the entrepreneur is in need of even more support, we hope to involve even more partners and provide it. Total value of resources we are providing is 750 000 SEK.

Some things are easy to answer. In six months or less we hope to show that no crisis can stop creativity or entrepreneurship. And also, we hope that we can give an entrepreneur the chance to grow and become a leader in our society.

First of all, you need to participate by sending in your idea. Everything is confidential, so if your idea is chosen or not, the information will stay safe with us. You will have two weeks, until the 19th of June to send in your idea. The jury will evaluate the ideas and entrepreneurs continually and choose one idea when they have gone through all participants. When that is done, it's a race against the clock. We will inform the chosen entrepreneur and setup a process for how we move forward. Be prepared for a few intensive weeks!

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