Simple 5 Steps!

1. Problem?

Find a problem you want to solve – then create a “How-might-we question”.

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2. Brainstorm!

Go for quantity! Come up with many crazy ideas and leave the ego at the door. Useful tools for brainstorming are: Crazy 8, Empty your brain, Mash up, Speed dating.

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3. Evaluate

Make sure you proceed with the best idea. You want it to have a high impact and to be feasible. Useful tool: Impact Matrix.

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4. Finalise

Now you have found your golden idea! Make sure to finalise it and check all the boxes here. Once you've done all these steps you are ready to present your idea.

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5. Submit Idea

You've checked all the boxes. It's time for you share your creativity and submit your idea. Let the challenge begin!

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