SSES will support the winning entrepreneur with strategy and business development.


Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship

SSES is a global platform for interdisciplinary education. Throughout our twenty-year history we have been elevating minds, generating ventures, forging connections and inspiring new ways of thinking.

From the cutting-edge of higher education we provide free of charge courses, experiences and incubation for students and alumni of Stockholm’s top six universities: Karolinska Institutet (KI), the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design (Konstfack), the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE), Stockholm University (SU) and the Royal College of Music (KMH).
Design and development

SPLIT STOCKHOLM will support the winning entrepreneur with branding, design and development.


SPLIT Stockholm

SPLIT is a modern full-service agency that best can be described as a hybrid between a digital and communication agency. We put strategies into motion and turn ideas into reality. Designing, developing and branding wherever there is a need for a more beautiful and functional tomorrow.

We believe the best efforts come from working with the things that inspire us and we don’t close the door for any type of client or need. We believe in diversity in skills, gender and ethnicity and are truly passionate about people. We are girls, we are guys, we are friends, we are family, we are junior, we are senior. We are SP LIT.

StartupJuristerna will support the winning entrepreneur with everything legal, from setting up a company to agreements and funding strategy.



StartupJuristerna is a law firm created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. The founders quickly identified a need for legal services that understood the complex innovation process surrounding entrepreneurs and not just their livelihoods but also their lives in general.

It was through this focal point that the firm was founded providing the friendly neighbourhood lawyer to entrepreneurs and businesses regardless of their size. Through focusing on availability, not just in terms of time but also understanding, StartupJuristerna has fostered relationships with entrepreneurs and watched them grow projects from mere ideas to businesses capable of supporting the founders and their employees as well as creating long-lasting and positive effects on society.

Will support the winning entrepreneur with business development and investment strategy.


Fredrik Adolfsson

Founder/MD at Aducera Holding AB. General and Financial Management. Fredrik has over 20 years of experience from IT and finance. Spends his days investing in companies with a portfolio of over 20 startups and established businesses: Beetroot, Woilá and Assently, among others. Fredrik is also a board member in eight companies.

Network and entrepreneurship

BLING Startup will support the winning entrepreneur with business tools and access to their network of experts and advisors.


BLING Startup

The BLING movement started in 2014 as a reaction to entrepreneurial segregation and as an attempt to drive positive social change and counteract exclusion through good leadership, entrepreneurship and innovations. BLING increases the chances of starting a successful business through networks, knowledge, role models, experienced mentors and more that make it easy for many to dare to take the first step. BLING believes in entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship as a force for change and want everyone to be able to start their own business on equal terms.

BLING offers free business and innovation consulting, seminars, IT support workshops and more for those who want to start, run and develop companies or ideas. BLING train leaders who in turn train new leaders.
Co-working space

The Park will support the winning entrepreneur with office space in one of their co-working places.


The Park

The Park started in 2004 and is one of Stockholm's oldest co-working spaces with four different facilities at attractive addresses. Today they have 850 members from several different industries, from coaches, lecturers and training companies to game developers, tech companies, architects and many, many more.

The Park offers flexible workspaces, lounges, conference and meeting rooms and event rooms. Their values of an inspiring, creative and inclusive workplace can be seen in all their facilities. ping pong tournaments, Friday breakfasts, membership lunches, lectures, workshops, conferences and events to strengthen the community.

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